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Commercial Tenant Guide To Choose The Best Commercial Real Estate Agent

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Choosing the right real estate professional is the first and most important decision to make when renting a commercial real estate, negotiating a lease, subletting or buying a process.

As a potential buyer or tenant of commercial real estate, it is important to take advantage of the valuable services that professional real estate consultants can add, which can become risky, expensive and time consuming. Like any large business, the lack of professional advice outside of your experience can lead to ignorant decisions that will put your business at risk and may lack the market knowledge and experience of trading concessions for the most transactions.

Fortunately, most business owners only face corporate real estate transactions or challenges every two years. In other words, if you haven’t already, how would you choose a qualified commercial real estate consultant to achieve your goals? If he does this, how can he be sure that his current representative is qualified for this task?

Below you will find eight strict rules that are difficult to consider when choosing the best commercial real estate consultant.

1. Choose a broker that represents your best interests, not the owner or seller, to avoid a double agent situation.

First choose a broker that does not have a conflict of interest related to the owner and seller. No matter what you do, don’t choose the owner/buyer broker to represent you! Although this may seem obvious, it is the biggest mistake made by tenants and buyers, usually by Thailand Real Estate

agents, who can claim to save money because he does not need to pay his representative fees. And save time because it can be negotiated directly. .

2. Select a broker who specializes in representing the tenant/buyer

In addition to no management conflicts of interest, tenant/buyer representative experts also offer many other professional services and offer a higher level of service and engagement than on behalf of GP. Owners and tenants. . With the experience and experience of tenant representation professionals, apply knowledge, tools and resources to achieve your goals and serve your best interests.

3. Choose a broker with experience in your area.

True market knowledge is irreplaceable; knowledge can only be obtained through extensive trading experience in a particular geographic region. This is only the only way to gain market intelligence, making the business of tenants or buyers more difficult.

4. Select an experienced broker in your product type.

The importance of specialization also applies to the type of property considered in a lease or sale transaction. There are significant differences between industrial companies, offices and retail stores. The physical aspects of each are very different, such as lease structure, duration, conditions and operating costs.

5. Choose an experienced broker to represent your business type

Knowing how your business uses space and its specific operational requirements, and how your space needs change in the future is an important factor in choosing the next location.

6. Choose a broker with a well-defined process to meet your needs and be highly accountable to you throughout the process.

While every real estate transaction presents unique challenges, the commercial real estate consultant of your choice must show you that it uses a logical, step-by-step process to accomplish its mission.

7. Choose a broker with tools and support to provide the highest level of service.

Mastering the best information is a key factor in making good property decisions. Knowledge is power, so your agent must have access to the best market information, analytical tools and human resources to help you execute transactions on your behalf.

8. Select the broker you trust and connect at the individual level.

It is a good thing to choose a Thailand Real Estate consultant with all the skills, experience and experience you need to meet your real estate needs, but don’t ignore your personal style. We are naturally associated with and have something in common with the people we love.





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