Marvel Vs DC: Superman As Gamebreaker, Hulk As Clown

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If you are a fan of comic superheroes, you may always want to know what the battle between Wonder Woman and Hercules, the Hulk will be. Superman, or Raytheon hunter on Mars. Of course, all of this has been translated into a series of past comics, but they have all been voted by fanatics, perhaps if the author wrote a less realistic “natural”. In other words, think about how the giants in the history of comics are developing battles here.

Wonder woman dealing with Thor and Mjolnir

This first battle was successful; because it is between two gods. Wonder Woman is created by the god of magic clay. Therefore, she is not only a woman, but also has the same strength as many gods. Of course, Thor is the son of Odin and the heir to Asgard. Both are very powerful, they are base warriors. His combat ability is close to the maximum: Raytheon, who is older than Diana, may be the best fighter, and Wonder Woman has about 75% of Superman’s power, so it may be harder. This is hard to say.

Both are very fast; Thor has his magic hammer Mjolnir and Wonder Woman have an ion sword carved by Hephaestus. In this sense, Thor has the best weapons, and it is difficult to see how Wonder Woman can avoid this extremely powerful ranged attack. His divine light should also be boring, and in the battle, Odin’s son may pay tribute to the Amazon princess.

Hulk against Superman

Given the almost unlimited power of these two characters, this is one of the most interesting battles. The incredible Hulk is a powerful force driven by muscle anger and enhanced gamma rays. He is another self of the distinguished theoretical researcher Dr. Bruce Banner, who gains strength, sustainability, regenerative therapy and gamma rays when he is angry (Talecup).

On the other hand, Superman is an alien; he was born in the extinct planet Krypton, grew up in Kansas and is an American. His power is unreal in many of the incarnations he has experienced in the decades since his creation. What distinguishes it from other heroes is not only its many powers, but the fact that they are at the end of the spectrum in terms of robustness. Although the Hulk is engaged in a fierce battle with the comets, the green machine cannot defeat the absolute power it brings.

Superman realized that the beast was getting stronger over time, exploding in a divine effort, using his hot vision, ice, speed and power to defeat the Hulk’s breath faster than he could heal and remove his broken body. The Hulk can calm down the planet. Then, without killing the flag Dr. (The Hulk returns to the banner, when it is quiet), Superman returns to Earth, protecting the season’s thermal science with his indestructible coat.

Batman vs. Captain America

It’s simple: through preparation, Batman accepts the fight; no – just like in an occasional meeting – the captain of the US wins. His combat ability is excellent, and he is a very good person, so black detectives may have problems. This will be a battle that lasts for hours but the Captain America will live longer and Batman will begin to fade.

In short, although these heroes are very powerful, it can be said that Superman is a “game player.” For him, Marvel needs his two forces to fight and let the rest of DC win. Although not everyone is listed here, Captain Martian Manhunter and Captain Marvel are free to move, which is a failure for Marvel Comics’ heroes. For example, they can’t let Thor and Hulk face Kal at all, but this is the only way to beat Superman (Talecup).

Among all the heroes in the history of comics, Superman and the Hulk can be one of the most controversial battles in history. They are the culmination of power in their respective worlds, making it an interesting battle.



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