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Humans have undergone many years to civilization to reach up to the place of technology .Earlier human use to have the theory of practice i.e. the manual practice whereas now the man has changed it a tech savy person. With the advancement of years people are demanding convenience be in the field of work or in ambience. This has always been possible with the savior ,science. It has made everything in handy and now it has become so convenient that you can go through the entire world through just a click. No need to move anywhere. That click is internet ,though in scientific words it is the global network providing the communication and information facilities. It comprises of the interconnected networks and abide by standardized protocols.


To talk about the facilities provided by the internet , the page will run out short as it is a blessing to the whole mankind. It is not less than the genie as whatever you ask for , you get it within few seconds. Any kind of information in any field , be it in the case of school tasks , more precisely any subject you ask for you get it within a short while. Basically the past reviews , researches , the current happening and what up with the world , where to travel , how to reach there infact booking tickets everything is in just a click. Regarding payment you no need to carry anything when you have e-banking get your payment from there. So through internet you opting the cashless economy. Apart from these you have online shopping, why to roam in this summers and get burnt instead switch on the AC and go for your e-shopping at various sites. Infact online coaching is also a big relief for the students , you can get the coaching by internet , what else you want? The online booking is not only limited up to the flight or the train , you have hotel book . booking your seats in the theatres . mailing or filling up the form all this is done by internet. Internet is providing various ways of earning as well.


As said earlier that internet is a savior and the best gift of the science to the mankind till date, but this doesn’t come up easy if it is misused . as the internet is a powerhouse of the various social platforms- facebook, the most frequent used social platform driven by internet , besides you tube , instagram , whats app , all thee pave the easiest way to the cyber bullying , cyber crimes . people are turning so smart that they are using internet to bring out the black sloth thereby counting internet as one of the media where maximum suicide cases are witnessed.

To conclude, the science is great at giving gifts but greatest in giving curses. It has always lead the protocols to the users and have asked to follow. But the mankind on getting such smart opportunities do forget that science is a gift until used properly if you miss then it is ever ready to dump you in the very smartest way which will be harsh to stand up again at that same place. So using internet with a precaution is a smart move.



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