What are my expectations for the Kickboxing Cardio course?

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A typical course lasts more than an hour. Before starting, participants should cover their hands with a fabric handkerchief to protect the joints and support the wrist (the coach will explain how to do this). Then, everyone is in front of the mirror, the teacher guides the group through specific boxing (Boxing Certification) and kicking, according to the music rhythm of the dance club. The course begins with a warm-up period, then continues with Taekwondo and quick kicks, then works hard with a bag. In addition to this, there are aerobic training such as knees, vines and jumps.Preparation is a bit clumsy, sometimes lost, but don’t be discouraged. Even if you are a very good runner or have been practicing aerobics for years, these actions may be new to your body. Pay attention to things that make you feel good. If you are tired, don’t do a painful exercise and rest. Your muscles need time to develop their “memory”, and when the teacher says what to do (“jab, cross, hook, round house”), their reaction will initially be slow. For the second or third category, discomfort will begin to dissipate.

What will I learn?

The first thing you have to learn is posture, a way of standing that optimizes balance and powers your movements. Their feet are about the height of the shoulders and have a small angle at one foot of the other foot. Your fist is around your cheekbones to protect your face (don’t curl your shoulders). This is the location you will return after each hit.You will also learn to move, which is important because it uses your pulses to generate energy. This includes keeping your feet alive while you stay awake, allowing you to take action or react more effectively. The general rule of strong shooting is to use the weight and momentum of the body, not just your arms. Make your abdominal muscles related to exhalation when turning and hitting.The usual blows are: punching, crossing, hooking and hooking. Kicking will include kicking forwards, sidekicks, kicks, corner kicks and roundhouses. But kicking and beating are not just multiples. You will learn the Taekwondo sequence, how to configure the cross, hooks, etc. Each stroke defines the next stroke to produce more power by a combination of two or more. The torque of your body helps to create this power. Quickly combine individual actions in the combination (for example: jab, cross punch, hook, hook, front kick).Different teachers have different perspectives on the subtleties of the content and skills they teach, but the basic concepts you learn from your teachers are valid in all courses.

What should I use?

Sweatshirts, shorts and t-shirts, aerobics clothing, make you comfortable and cool. Wear well-made, less used sneakers. Running shoes are not ideal because they are not designed for lateral movement. Basketball, tennis or other shoes designed for pivoting and lateral movement are preferred. Your shoes are very clean and important. Barefoot is also very good.

Will it hurt me?

Yes, if you are not careful, you may experience pain in your elbow or wrist, a type of injury that is common in contraction muscles or aerobics classes, such as your knees or ankles. Take a protective attitude towards your body. If you can waste your time, reach the bandage a few minutes in advance and gently stretch your legs (especially the forehead and back of the thigh) and shoulders to warm up. Make sure you keep plenty of water. In class, be sure to stop each shot or kick before the joint is fully extended (Boxing Certification). Never play so fierce that it can’t block the elbow or knee joint. In addition, began to focus on kicking and control. Respect the limits of your body. Of course, you can change these boundaries, but it takes time, dedication and realistic attitude.








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